MAGNUS ® MX5310 Presse für Bein- und Schenkelübungen

  • Das Zusatzgerät für die Beine Magnus MX5310 erlaubt ein vielseitiges Beintraining. Üben Sie die vierköpfigen und zweiköpfigen Muskeln der Schenkel und nutzen Sie das Unterstützungssystem Leg support.
  • MAGNUS ® MX5310 Presse für Bein- und Schenkelübungen
  • MAGNUS ® MX5310 Presse für Bein- und Schenkelübungen
  • MAGNUS ® MX5310 Presse für Bein- und Schenkelübungen
  • MAGNUS ® MX5310 Presse für Bein- und Schenkelübungen
  • MAGNUS ® MX5310 Presse für Bein- und Schenkelübungen
  • MAGNUS ® MX5310 Presse für Bein- und Schenkelübungen
  • MAGNUS ® MX5310 Presse für Bein- und Schenkelübungen
  • MAGNUS ® MX5310 Presse für Bein- und Schenkelübungen
  • MAGNUS ® MX5310 Presse für Bein- und Schenkelübungen
Hersteller: Magnus Design ®
Produktcode: MX5310
Serie: MAGNUS ®
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Leg station for leg muscles training Magnus MX5310 Check out the amazing leg station for training from Magnus ® Extreme. Thanks to firm construction of certified 45x45 profile and big, elastic sponges made of special UltraSponge foam, Magnus MX5310 leg station gives you full safety and comfort during exercises. Also foam distance regulation, "Diamond Black" painting, 4K welds technology and masterful design - these are the features of the leader in its class.
Keep reading and learn more Did you know that by training on Magnus ® Extreme leg extension for benches, you can achieve great muscled legs without risk of injury ? By exercising hamstrings and quadriceps muscles on MX5310 leg station you can eliminate every overload and pressure from your spine, which exists during eg. barbell squats. Exercises with Magnus ® leg extension are frequently prerformed by body builders as a great alternative to free weights.

Leg station workout is the best way to:
- increase strength of your legs
- sculpt lower body muscles
- increase muscle volume
- training without the risk of injury and spine overload

All you need for workout is the leg extension, which combined with proper bench gives you a wide range of training possibilities.
Multifunctional attachment for legs and thigs training from Magnus
Why Magnus ® Extreme ? What`s important ? Proper construction Magnus ® MX5310 leg extension is the only one constructed of 45x45 profile, which in combination with MX2041 bench gives you huge durability. On top of that, it`s equiped with 6 luxury UltraSponge foams. MAGNUS ® DESIGN designers have created the MX5310 leg station that provides you with full range workout and your safety in 100%. Proper construction of leg station Magnus Choose the safe Magnus ® Extreme leg station and train with equipment thought out in every single way.
Convenience, comfort and your health Safety Magnus ® Extreme leg extension is designed to fully take care about your safety. It`s the first model that allows you to change foam position, depending on chosen exercise. If you`re going to train your quadriceps muscles, foams stays in the extension. If you`re lying down on the bench and willing to train your hamstrings, then you`re going to move them in to the bench. This way every risk of knee-joint stresses is excluded.
PS. Do you want to exercise safely with Magnus ®, or treat your injuries with others ?
Safe leg exercises on leg press from Magnus
Technology Ergonomics and aesthetics Notice how carefully thought-out the Magnus ® Extreme leg extension construction is.
  1. 200% better durability thanks to 45x45 profiles and UltraSponge foams application.
  2. Foams distance regulation and possibility of placing them in bench during hamstrings exercises.
  3. Perfect structural powder coating with the highest quality "Diamond Black" paint.
  4. Extended up to 7 years warranty on construction.
  5. High quality of realization in Premium class, confirmed by certificate of compliance with EN957 standard.
  6. Outstanding aesthetics - all bolts with covers.
New way to train your legs - try now, amazing leg machine from Magnus
Durability Reinforced profiles are the key MAGNUS DESIGN ® team know best, that hard workout requires even harder equipment. That`s why leg extension MX5310 was designed and made of firm steel profile 45x45 with DC01 certificate in Premium class. Trust in out experts from Magnus Team and choose the strongest leg station - Magnus ® Extreme MX5310. Reinforced leg press, train thighs muscles, hamstrings and quadriceps muscles
Model Magnus ® Extreme MX5310
Weight / with package 5,5 kg / 6,2 kg
Construction profile 45x45mm - DC01 class
Painting Diamond Black polyester paint
Foam type / diameter UltraSponge / 80mm
Durability 260 kg
Thick foam - caliber 80mm Guarantee of durability and comfort We chose the proper dimensions to help you enjoy the training and perform most reps. The foam diameter is optimally selected - to small will hurt your hands, but to big can cause problems with grip.

MAGNUS DESIGN ® experts are the team of athletes, physiotherapists and best constructors, who knows and understands the anatomy of human body. This is why by chosing MX5310 leg extension you are sure, that you chose the best sport equipment in the world. Sport equipment NR1.
Durable equipment for thighs workout - make your legs huge !!
Perfect training Thought construction This is the big advantage of Magnus ® Extreme leg station. The station combined with bench represent the ideal choice for those, who wants to train leg muscles without any risk of overload, hyperextensions and spain pressure. Leg extension for legs and thighs training, strong legs, legs workout Thighs training, legs workout, hamstring and quadriceps exercises
Perfection by MAGNUS DESIGN ® Greatest Quality NR1 Magnus ® Extreme MX5310 is the best leg extension there is. MAGNUS DESIGN ® is the world class sport equipment featured by diverse training and lifetime reliability. This is essence of knowledge and construction capabilities. Leg station MX5310 stands out thanks to firm construction with 45x45 profiles, 4K welds technology, perfect structural powder coating "Diamond Black" paint and luxury UltraSponge foams. Our equipment is complemented by aesthetic finish, bolt covers and elegant branding. Training with leg extension for workout benches- movie abc how to train video youtube
Right choice Satisfaction When choosing leg extension you need to remember, that this is the sport equipment. Equipment, that have to guarantee the best training capabilities and - what`s very important - full safety in 100%.

Picture then different situation - you are going to climb on Mount Everest and you need a rope. Answer yourself this: which rope should you choose - the cheapest or the best ? Think for a moment, would you risk your health by buying cheap i weak equipment, which does not meet any standards ?

In Magnus ® we believe, that it is worth to invest in equipment, which will serve you for years, providing comfort of use and safety.

Back to the leg extension, think, if you want to waste your money on the cheapest = worst equipment, or would you rather appreciate yourself and invest in the best equipment, which protect your health and take care of your safety.

If you care about your health and full training capabilities, choose MX5310 leg extension for benches and join the MAGNUS DESIGN ® community, which achieve the intended goals.
    You're buying:
  • Leg extension MX5310 - new, original
  • Classy box
  • Bolts + dowels free
  • Bolt covers free
  • Training free
  • 7 years warranty
  • Assembly instruction
  • Certificate, EN957 standard
Copyright © 2015 Magnus Design. Magnus Design ® is a registered trademark. All rights reserved.
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